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Drops only when you or pets make 25% damage.

Um ... Can we not do this? I am a form believe that if a tree were fall in a forest and no one was around to hear it, it will still leave evidence that it did, in fact, fall. Therefore if a monster were to die, without my input, it would still leave drops.

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More Uses for Dragon Hearts

So, the other day, I started thinking about Dragon Hearts, when I thought this: There is so much more uses & effects I would expect from Dragon Hearts. Like, if one Dragon Heart can heal your player completely, then why can't it heal your pet's? And if someone had the "Heart of a Dragon", wouldn't that mean he/she was brave & powerful? So here is my idea for Dragon Hearts:

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Houses For Pets Idea

Do you love your pet? want to give him/her a own home? This is your LUCKY IDEA!
Add houses for pets(5 versions):

Dragon=Meat, Spider=Spider Fang, Gontar=Sheep Wool, Dog=Bone, Cat=Stone

M=Meat, F=Spider Fang, S=Sheep Wool, B=Bone, T=Stone, D=Door, X=Nothing

Dragon House: Spider House: Gontar House: Dog House: Cat House:


Hunger and sleep

hello, I think it would be a story block game more fun if the character had HUNGER and if possible SLEEP, so the bed would be a bit more useful than sleep and regenerate if HUNGER is added you could add several other types of food planted and kill an animal, it would be cool also add new pets, pets with a minimum 2 players can choose their color, and I'm sorry for ingleis errors'm using google translator to translate it

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pets revival timer

i think everyone can agree that 5h waiting for your pet to revive is a bit long, aswell as the furnes cooking time.

i left 5k iron in the furnce(ofc this was editen into my inventory) the next day i stil only had 170 iron.

this all for the premium version.(wich i bought back in the days far before there were pets, so long ago back in the days when free version dident alow u to save worlds.)

i would fully agree with it if this is how it works on the free version

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Tamable Pets

What if you could tame wildlife and have them be your pets that will fight for you and follow you.


Pets in Free

I believe that there should be pets available in the free version. The players who can't spare money for something such as a game have been missing out on great aspects of the game. If there could be at least a couple pets available in the free version, it would give less of a sense of missing out. If pets could please be available in the free version, that would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

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New Pets

What new pets do you want to see in blockstory?


Pet Monkey

I suppose this is self-explanatory. I want a monkey butler. :-)

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nature pet

wouldent it be nice to have a pet that would change form, and powers wen entering a biome?



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