This is a texture pack I made myself, for the first time. It's more fantasy themed; for example the major spawners have been replaced with magic circles, and some building materials have been made... fancier. Like black marble. A new stone texture makes caves a bit more cave-y, and I have replaced ore textures and well, One notable change is that for the purposes of appearances, iron ore is now amethyst, and has a very pretty block form. Forgotten grass is purple. I got rid of pumpkins and watermelons, instead you have a phantomfruit (blue and purple strawberry) and a grand gourd (Acorn squash, basically). Black crystal blocks are no longer black. Basically I revamped a lot of things used to build, so I could have things more to be own rather eclectic taste.

I use Lite, and I don't update, so this might not work for those one the absolute latest version. I used a modified version 10 base for this.

To make the pack work, you need to load your world, select the theme, exit to menu, re-enter your world and select the theme again. I don't know why- it just works like that. If anyone can shoot me a way to PREVENT that, I will of course update, but I'm stumped.

Texture Pack: