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I bought the full game thinking that creative was going to be all cool and epic like switching in between survival and creative and being able to give your pets a type of exp bag to level them up faster and overall it being like minecraft's creative. It wasn't like that at all, you still have to by things even if you have bought the full ver which is complete bullshit and in survival, you don't even get all inventory slots and to add insult to injury, they removed the gems that you get every day they could at least add that back in to the fullver of the game.


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first off, why do u think block story must be like minecraft? these r 2 completely separate games, in creative you r still limited in some terms thats a game feature that u must deal with, in survival you can unlock inventory slots through out the gameplay. Diamonds are currency that let u get things or complete quests quicker and help you in some cases, but devs decided it was not necessary to throw bunch of diamonds at players every day so they put an end to that madness, if u wish to get something, u will have to play a game and not wait till daily rewards give you diamonds to reach your goal! and yet they added a feature which still helps players to quickly get gems! do not think block story is  a copy of another game cuz it is not. and it doesnt have to be like minecraft, or terraria or any other sand box game cuz block story is already great, and it doesnt have to borrow any features from other games which r considered to be history!

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