I just started buying the game in Steam (PC version) and played it for a few days.
one day, I was leveling my dragon pet because of the tasks given to me by paula. Then suddenly, My PC just shutdown. and after I Open block story. my progress is gone. the WORLD and CHARACTER is still there. but when i Played it. my items and other stuffs are all gone, I'm lv1 again.. but there's more.. when i checked my character stats. my HP has 100 (+-100) same goes with other stats, it has (+-) so I got 1 hit by a lv6 spider.. I lost all my items, my level, and had some bugs. pls help me.. what to do? I tried reinstalling the game already but still nothing happened. And also I'm new.
Pls help me and sorry for bad english.

The fact that your PC

Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Block Story

The fact that your PC shutdown all of a sudden may be the cause of your player being resetted. If thats the case, I'm afraid there might be no way of recovering this unless you have a copy of the player file safely stored somewhere else.

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yah i think that also thats why i also experienced some bugs because maybe a file corrupted when my PC was shutdown unexpectedly.. well anyways i moved on already and also i learned now how to back up file.. zzz so i have to start over again.. but its not a very long progress. i was still lv41 that time and now my new character is lv41 again. its just that.. the quests and items i had in my other char (the one that was bugged) is way too far from this new character i made. but anyways lets move on and thanks for your reply ^_^

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