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Well, there a few issues. The fire on the trees in the underworld, when any mob is NEAR to it (like just 3 or 4 blocks away) they start burning and die. I've already completed the new quests. Performance has now been better. There is this bug where I am skipped to day 16 instead of day 1 in the grand achievement of getting ashkore soul. Another bug where you cannot shoot bow and arrow, even though the arrow and bow both are loaded. There are still a few bugs, sometimes, the giggles/worm spawn during days. I had also found another bug/glitch when a started a hardcore world. Just as soon as I spawned, i found hydra and it killed me. That wasn't the bug, but this was - I respawned and found myself glitched through the ground. I was not able to move, then I died because I was unable to breathe. Then I respawned and found myself glitched through ground again. Then my game crashed. I started it again, and when I came back to my hardcore world, I found that I was at my spawnpoint again (not glitched through ground). Then suddenly hydra spawned again and killed me from 4 blocks away, so I think that the collision bounds need to be fixed, because if any mobs can attack us from 4 blocks away, that would be way unfair, and so, is it possible to shift the collision bounds to be like 1 blocks around the player (such that the mob would only be able to attack if it's 1 block away from the player)? I deleted that world and that character. There is also another problem in the terrain generator. Here is it's link, I had made a forum on it and . The torch throw spinning animation keeps playing even when the game is paused. Fire is really realllyyyyyyyyyyy slow, in terms of burning things down. The quests aren't really changed, but goblin seems more smart.
So here are some bugs that I found, hope you'll fix these.

The Stick Figure.

Oh and

Priority: -> normal
State: -> new
Client: -> Block Story

And the torch still keeps going even when I throw it even in water, and bobcats should've been neutral instead of passive (they're very dangerous). And what I meant by collision bounds is hitbox (I worked in blender in which hitbox was called collision bounds), which was way more larger, by which any mob would simply attack us from 4 blocks away and we wouldn't be able to even touch it with the sword. The framerate stays consistent, that is what i liked, a huge improvement in performance. The acid does not cause fire. So these are my views and bug reports.


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