hi im a big fan of block story Issue with story mode. the issue is that on some of the lower levels the npc die instantly the npc burst in to flames and die in some areas of the game it is a big problum do to the fact while trying to level up your dragon the npc die instantly after spawning befor your dragon can attack also on the lower level the npc do not spawn in some areas there is a issue with the bed when placing the bed it is supposed to be a spawning point when placing it but i can not spawn where i place my bed.
Issue with hardcoremode. i also notice that is when you create hardcore world the game crashes and in hardcore wile playing in hardcore you can die only some minnie times then the game crashes and goes back to main menu then when you click play a gin your hardcore world is gone you have to repeat this over and over and over bige issue for steam version of block story can you please fix this issue for your block story fans