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The oceans suck. Period. Ever since the terrain update roled around and killed a majority of the players interest. I can't blame them. The new terrain is bland and looks no different than any other world. The old worlds were beautiful. Low hanging islands, ores that made the land colorful at night. But enough of that, as it seems we are stuck with bland.


We are here to dicsuss the oceans. They are by far the worst of the biomes. Sand everywhere, no ores to illuminate, and only 3 enemies: Shark, Megladon and Tentaclon. We need a drastic change to the seas. Something like Subnautica. The sea in that game is AMAZING. It has active lava areas, dark deep ravines, various structures, and a hell lot more danger.


So mateys What have we learned today? We need a better ocean!

I agree

Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Block Story

I have to say the new terrain might have fixed tree generation and infinite mountains but got rid of all the magnificent cliffs and ocean mostly all mountains, nowadays all the have is every Biome separated into neat areas. I'd love if they would add an Adventure update to the game, the new update should come with a new terrain generator that would; mix and merge the biomes and also add loads of new biomes like cliffs, extreme canyons, giant mountain ranges, massive waterfalls, Giant rivers, frozen oceans, non-desert wasteland, magical forests, cursed lands, deadly swamps, deep ocean trenches, hades sinkholes, hades stalactites, More random skylands, skylands mountains, all biomes in skylands.With this they can add; sky quality 4, flowing liquids, a lot more new randomly generated structures, glowing plants, at least 64 new blocks and 3d blocks. Anyway I think this would make the game that much more intresting.