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So since I've been playing around with TNT Ivery notice that if you put it in a straight line 10 blocks or more it goes infinite and completely bugs your world, this is very annoying since you can't place or break blocks while the infinite explosion goes on. I've tried to fix it using configuration Iles but I can't seem to get it to work although I've had some progress it's not flawless. So to the idea, the reason TNT eventually goes infinite is because it's a tool like a crafting table or furnace this causes problems since it can be activated with itself and eventually 2 or 3 will continue to activate each other, to fix this you need to change the TNT completely so when it is activated it is turned into an entity like a npc except it would explode, since it is an entity it is very easy to control it so you can give each TNT an activating limit of 1 and since it is an entity it will follow it's own system of control except it will be the shape of a and size of a block and it would be less buggy. As an entity it would follow the laws of block story gravity so it would fall when activated and I'd actually like if it did because then you can drop it on things from a safe distance, for fun you can also make it that others can bounce away when one explodes and fly all over the place, this would be an easier way to destroy more land at once, you could place a bunch in one spot and activate one so when it explodes all the other need are activated and spread out. The reason for the buggy effects of the TNT being a tool is that the game isn't fast enough to stop it from being activated again, therefore making the world bug as hell. When I used a configuration file I made it delete the TNT in an instant after it explodes but it still went infinite after 20 blocks, this problem/bug is caused by the the default systematic of the block tool which is the crafting table, it has a system of infinite use to craft so it takes infinite in and executes infinite out therefore being in a way activated infinite times, so when the TNT is activated more then once the debug eventually fails and the TNT uses the default systematic for tool blocks. My idea here is pretty easy to implement and would take only a few days so I'm realy hoping that you add this into the next update. Happy