the bug is, when i created a boat, i can't put in my inventory and so, the boat is on the ground and i hang in there, can't move, can just use the mouse to look around and strangely enough, my "Air indicator/display" decreases and then, i loose health till i die. Every time, i reload the same saveslot or the whole game, this happened again, again and again...so, i can't continue or play further...it would be nice, if the bug will be removed as fast as possible. It's a little bit annoying...
I use the pc version of your game (version 5.6.2). I have a windows pc with win 7, geforce gtx480, 15GB Ram, i7 920 with ~2,4Ghz Quadcore.



Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Block Story

Ovid have you tried un-equipping the boat?



How can i un-equip? I've tried to put the boat in my inventory, but nothing happens. Or what do you mean?


​Un-equpping ​the boat means to stop using it, I use the mobile version where you click on it in your inventory and it is equipped and click it again to un-equip it.



No, i use the PC version. And in this, it's impossible to un-equip this "item".
I click and put it in my inventory, but nothing happens. The boat stays where it is with me in there. Sorry, for my "bad English", i'm a german student Happy


State: active ->

Hey, is there an update or something on the way...?

The Bug is still here...or working you guys already on a solution?

What will happen next...?