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So I've been playing for over three years. I remember when I first stepped into a world. It really blew my mind. For once, I had played a game with an experience I had never had in any other game. But times have changed, and so have my interests. The game has changed too much, every update has added new bugs, slower gameplay and loss of interest. So although I may play in the future, right now, I have lost complete interest in the game. Sadly, and I never thought I would say that. So, for now, goodbye.


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so u came back to the website after all this time jist to say that

I am the slayer of SHIVA ☠️

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You should've made this a forum. Why a ticket?


Me noscopes, means scoping to no distances. The best gamer on the internet.


Dis foto waz taken by mah kaamra