I get to level 35 in story mode and the game stops working. The screen freezes with the fire Dragon picture on the screen.

Here are some possible

Priority: -> normal
State: -> active
Client: -> Block Story

Here are some possible solutions:

1. Try restarting your device. Restarting your device can make things run smoother
2. Have alot of data and/or worlds in the game? Maybe its trying to load it all. Just be patient.
3. Uninstall and reinstall the game. You may be saying, "Awesoman! I worked so hard on my worlds and/or players! I don't wanna delete it all!!" I know a way to uninstall the game without losing any of your data. If it comes down to this, feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I will reply with instructions on how to reinstall Block Story and keep all of your data whenever I have the chance.

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