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I have a pet dog and I had his inventory slots almost fully open sans the bottom row. After the last update, I summoned him only to find that he had been reset back to just the top row in his inventory.

I had a lot of items in him to include... TNT, stone, sticks, crafting tables, candles and various tools. I have now lost everything but the tools out the inventory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's been 7 Days

Priority: -> normal
State: -> new
Client: -> Block Story


Just wondering if I am going to get some help with this problem. It's been 7 days and I think I've been really patient with this.

Would love to know if I have to reopen the slots myself, or if you all will do it for me. If I have to do it, that would be really unfair as it wasn't something I did on my end.

Thanks for any help.

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Any Help!

I suppose my problem isn't gonna get answered here?! This is a little ridiculous. Why do you guys have a support section when you don't help anyone with their problems?

If I could go lower on my review on Google Play and give you no stars, I would.

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Something happened and I had to reload a previously saved version of my character. So, I went from lvl 61 back down to lvl 59. Also, the dog is back to where it should be.


...the fact that is it NOW 15 days and I still have no response from Support... it still utter and complete RIDICULOUS and NOT GOOD on your part.

The LACK of support, shows that you DON'T really care about your players and it's NOT a good way to keep people playing your game.

You need some SERIOUS improvement in this department.

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