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recently i have tried to play block story on my android phone and as i was waiting for it to load i noticed it was taking an awful long time. I thought it might have been because i had low space on my phone but that wasn't the problem. No matter what i do to fix it, it just doesn't load past the red dragon loading screen, when i first tap on block story game icon on my phone and enter the game the first thing that shows is the red dragon loading screen. I have tried restarting my phone, restarting the Internet, restarting the game, and i even deleted a few things off my phone to see if it was the low space on my phone. I can't resort to uninstalling and reinstalling the game due to the fact that i never backed up my file, I'm assuming this is some sort of bug.

solution found

Priority: -> normal
State: -> new
Client: -> Block Story

Solution found, just reinstalled the game.

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