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I play on the original Kindle Fire, have the 5.1 update.

I had these items equipped:

Dragon Shield - it looks fabulous, great detail!
Dragon Boots - the +.02.0 in green keeps rolling up the screen
Goblin Armor - in the shirt position

120,122 Stone Pickaxe yes a bit overkill but I get tired of running out in the middle of a cave. I did notice after the 5.1 update, that it was taking between 8 and 9 hits to break things where before it took 6 or 7, don't know if this is on purpose or not.

The screen Blinked and all were gone - POOF!

Also Quests: The Ted Quest - kill 20 sharks is gone - and when I kill a shark it no longer counts it - and though I am Level 43 - well I've been playing in the Sandbox and having fun, not really paying much attention to the quest. When I talk to him, he still tells me to go do it though.

UPDATE: Died - Armor was in a chest - all good but Pickax not there and still my armor keep disappearing. Now I have goblin armor, given up on Dragon so far seems to be staying with me.

However my pickaxes keep coming unequipped and disappearing sometimes while I am in the middle of mining.

Kill the Sharks Quest: I have killed 30 sharks - have 30 teeth - Ted is still telling me to go kill 20 sharks - so what's up with this now?

I have tried to post in the forum - it flags my post as spam? I don't know where else to go with this.

I am getting pretty frustrated.