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The Extraterrestrial Privateer's

Come our extraterrestrial brothers as we execute the ones who deem themselves to be better than us

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Wierd Science

We are the experimenters of BS we test and test some more. Just dont try to poke an Ashkore with a needle. We all know how that turned out.

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E.S.C. - Elite Spartans Corporation

A highly skilled corporation of Men and Women who protect the players at all costs!

Chaos 3 Только по приглашениям
block story challengers

for the people who are blred right now

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Megalodon fanclub

Its 4 megalodons are awesome.

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We will rule BlockStoria. We will CRUSH those who oppose us. People shall tremble when they hear our name. We are the Imperials.

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Ashkores biggest fans

for all those who love ashkore

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Chaotic Warriors

Fire and ice "Special warriors"

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Blockstory Youtubers

For anyone who posts blockstory videos.

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BlockStorian Prankers

We are the prankers of BlockStory. Beware our prank wrath!! Happy

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Architects of Time

Creators of the best structures imaginable.

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You must make a hacked character for this guild.

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The Adventurers of Blockstory

If you like Adventure,this guild is for you.

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Lone Empire

Do you have what it takes to be a royal warrior and fight the forces of evil? Join now!

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The Demigods

A group dedicated to fighting Mythical monsters and building epic structures.

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a guild that fights for balance

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Royal Alliance

We fight, we help others. Any guilds that step in our way will be sorry.

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Guild of All Allies

for those who are in many guilds

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Caesarea Novum Collegium (a.k.a The CNC or The New Imperial Guild)

A fun, yet serious, guild that discusses all things blockstory, has competitions, and where members help each other out in a freidnly enviornment.

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Wiki Editors

Official group of wiki editors.

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The Great Builders Alliance of Gamers

We are a guild for Gamers and Builders

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Official guild thread for Nirvana.

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seeds of the game

from people to talk about seeds and where is good place to visit in them.

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Fire & Ice

Our great army, the legacy now begins....

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Information Kiosk

Lets help our fellow guests and forums members!

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Family is a group for bros, and friends to interact.

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FANtasy is a fan guild dedicated to the sharing and making of fanfiction.

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National Blockstorian explorers


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beginners' guild

for all the beginners of block story

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shadow battalian

A strong defense for darksent in their war against dragonborn

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The Blockstorian Poets

This is for the poets and the want-to-be poets; a place to talk and share your poems, or ones you find( make sure you post who did it if you didn't)

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the brother hood.

this group is dedicated to answering questions.

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Alpha Wolves

The alpa wolves

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Quick Builds

You will be given challenges to be finished in a certain amount of time

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Story Keepers

This is a shortcut to Blockstory's good stories.

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Tiamat's Jedi Order

Guardians of peace and and justice in the Block Story world

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Wolves are the warriors who fight tougher than any humans Join this guild and become an honorary Wolf (OR WEREWOLF) take your pick

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the war lords

a group of people who fight for the weak

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rigigos custom story beta testers

prepare to give intense feedback on my custom.stories

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Order of the Mage

We are the Mage. The learners. The builders. The destroyers.

Faceless Mage 2 Только по приглашениям

only those loyal to the country of Northrock may join

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MOBS Guild

the most exclusive guild in Block Story

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A clan of warrior cats defending their clan and abiding by the Warrior code.

Tigress 690 Только по приглашениям

Creative Lethal Awesome Womens Society. We are the girls of Blockstory.

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the best builders guild (T.B.B)

the best builders guild we make the best builds

person 2 Только по приглашениям
The Rouge Squad

We are warriors who value stealth, admire power, and are always honerable.

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The Zookeepers

Webare the Zookeepers. We give spawners to people and have tons of zoos.

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slender guild

must think a tall man without a face is stalkin u

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we are devoted to destroying the dragonborn

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E for everyone!!! Join and you will be helped to find the best ideas

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Block Story-ers

A guild for the best and the baddest and the bossest Block Story players.

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Masters of Insanity

We create and survive???? The most insane and dangerous creations.

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Blue Devil explorers

this guild contains the best explorers in block story.

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The Maintainers

We help maintain and regulate the website with Paul and Headhunter...

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The Mad God's Legion

The group of madmen/madwomen who are devoted to the madgod

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A.M.E.T (awesome monster exterminating team)

this is a team of awesome people who takes care of your monster problems

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DragonBorn Guild

A group of special people that is great at every aspect in Block Story.We dragonborn Always wear viking helmets.You have to be recruited to join

Jflamer 5 Только по приглашениям
Giggles Defence Squad

The only team to relocate all your Mr.Giggles infestations

Pikeman72 15 Только по приглашениям