This is a list of seeds and brief description of the world they make. (They are case sensitive)


Here are a list of seeds:

This is the seed used for development and for the menu screen, so it is very well tested.  

Most NPC can be found near the starting point.

Large flat beach near starting point with a desert nearby and a dragon

naruto 3484 A beautiful cliff above the water. In the water there is a cave in which you can find a lot of resources and shelter from spiders and worms
Spider Man 3485 Lots of sharks
hakunaMatata  3486 Lots of sharks.  Fly to the beach to see lots of trees and foliage
epic 3487 Flat terrain, great for building. It has a cave thats HUGE directly under the whole terrain.
skyhaven 3482 Big forest
manhattan 3488 manhattan has most of the things that beginners need. Most ores are on the outside of the mountain surfaces
Devil Rock 3489

Great cave directly below the spawn point and has lots of gold, coal, and green flourite

iRoN 3490

Megalodon shark in the lake next to the spawning point.

mello yello 3491

Forgotten Sky touches the sea at some point on the ice nearby

melly yello


Forgotten sky touches the sea at some point on the ice nearby. TWO MEGALODON SHARKS DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH THIS LANDMARK!

moria 3493

travel up hill near spawn for a huge flat space

Smallworlds 3494

The cavern in the water near the spawn point gives an easy natural entrance to Moria

Catsfanj Dock 3495

Spawns you on a small island with the Source of Life 20 blocks away.

AngryAnt 3496

Iron and Red Crystals in the underwater cave to the bottom right of the spawn point in the pic

recipe 3481 This spawns you in a swampy forest that contains approximately: 25 bat spawners (the red flowers) and 5 watermelons.
flattyflatflat 3497

perhaps the flattest seed u will ever see Tongue

HELL 3498

Spawns you near birch trees

MajoraMG 3500

You spawn on a floating island connected to a landmass. 2 megalodons can be found near the spawn too.

yomama 3501

12 Source of life spawers and 9 Paula spawers, also it has a great cliff with lots of coal/gold

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Caves 3502

Spawn on a beach next to a large hill, top of the hill has a nice cave. Ted and Shadow Hunter are near starting point  

Seems to be a lot of caves. With lots of most ores, saffire and rubies are plentiful Emeralds seem to be less so.

Mount Rushmore 3503

Spawns on the side of a huge hill, large tunnel somewhere above. tunnel has lots of green and blue crystals along the way. 

Glasglow   Spawns you on an island above the beach and all biomes are within 1000 blocks of the spawn.