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Crafting in BlockStory is simple.  If you do not already know how to craft certain things, there is a Recipe Book located under your 2x2 crafting table when you enter your inventory.  When you go into your Recipe Book, you are able to access all the recipes for items, weapons, armor, and other things. It will show you how to craft the items by images and descriptions which is an easy way to understand the crafting part of Blockstory.

Although, a 2x2 crafting table is quite small and unable to craft most items. Therefore, you can make a 3x3 Crafting Table by gathering wood blocks from trees, and dragging them into one slot in your 2x2 crafting table. The outcome of placing those wood blocks in one slot is Wood Planks. Take the wood planks and put one in each slot of your 2x2 crafting table, and BAM! You have just created your first 3x3 crafting table! Now you can craft anything you want, but you must use the correct necessary items. You can look for recipes in your Recipe Book as explained earlier.


In case you need further explanation, here is a video showing you how to craft sticks by Paul: 

This video is slightly outdated but the basic concept is the same