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Vademecum magicae

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Are you about to face mati but you only have 12 skill points bet on magic? I have the solution! the "Vademecum magicae".
This is a book that by having it in second hand makes any magic weapon get a bonus equal to having 20 skill points bet on magic. the bad? When you receive damage, it breaks very fast when you are ... well ... a book ... which makes you have to have a safe distance from the enemy ... unless it is a helpless animal. Another thing is that you also lose 5% speed when you walk, because while you are walking, you are reading the book.

it is crafted like this:

c v c
c x c
c v c

c = horse leather / x = 20 Aragog eyes / v = 20 sheep leather (as in the old days)

As you can see, the magic of Aragog's eyes impregnates the sheepskin making it write everything necessary to be a little better with magic.

The recipe is obtained with the achievement "Murderer of magicians" that consists of killing 5 magicians, a task not so easy at the beginning, at least until level 40.

the idea of ​​the icon would be like http://www.ispsd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/wpid-red-book.png and the design would be like https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/old-book-3d-model-1220450