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Are you bored of flying on your dragon because it's so slow and bores you to go look for deer to make a mount? no problem! become a propeller!
But you will tell me: "But Ignacio, if that is already in the game" well yes, but although it gives you flight speed if you do not have the improved flight speed skill (the least preferable to spend skill points) it is not so fast enough to explore. but I have the solution! the secondary peropulsor!
this would be placed in the slot of the neck of the character (if you can put a giant spider's eye or the tooth of a thousand-year-old fish you can place a secondary propeller, right?) that would cost one graviton at the same time as the common propeller to add the Same amount of flight speed as the common propeller that makes you spend 2 graviton in exchange for going twice as fast.

the crafting is:

p p p
c p c
x x x
p = metal block / c = motor / x = empty
and it can also be used without the original propeller, but in the battles it can be damaged (it has little durability) and if you use it without the original propeller you will spend graviton and mana.