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Tired of the prizes you receive for killing some entity en masse to obtain an item that is not very difficult to do? and completing quests to get things when you've finished the story dozens of times? Why not make a game mode that can be played in difficult and common where there are no blocked recipes or npc's? an alternate world where the lord dragon won and paula, ted, aaron, source of life, hugo, mr.golblin blue and the talking skeleton are dead (I do not count the yeti since it only interests him at present to extinguish the visitors) ? where you can find the dragon lord in the cities, which were once full of life and the warrior and angelic goblins in the caves and in the sky, surviving thanks to their strength. Well, this would be a big turn and you could choose between playing the story, where it's more like a rpg or choosing this new mode, where it only matters to survive. You can easily make a dark magic stick or a battle ax. also it could not be traded for the absence of the alchemist and the missions were completely eliminated, the sorcerer will not be there to tell you how to survive.

Please, take it into account.