Maidens of the Sea

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In ancient mythology mermaids were known as the damsels of the sea, according to various sightings they possessed the body of a woman but from the waist down they have a tail.

Not only were they conceived to be beautiful creatures, but they were thought to have beauty that lured sailors to jump into the sea and either die from blinded love, or be transformed into Merman themselves.

My idea is having mermaids in the game.

They will have the beauty that is usually imparted to them, their body size would be between Paula's and a Shark's.

Life would be HP 1200

Come from a coral spawner, not hostile till attacked.

Once attacked they deal 100 HP damage per hit, they will drop tridents and graviton.

Located near Atlantis at levels between -150 to -300

If I missed any of the guideline specifications please let me know.


Just a suggestion.

Will there be just one veriation of a mermaid? 

Or like the sheep have 3 or so kinds?

(One mermaid with dark hair and glittering blue tail while another having blond hair with a green tail.)

Those are just examples, what I had in mind when I pictured this idea were multiple mermaids.


Sorry for not replying earlier, (busy with college)

I'm open to having various variations of mermaids.

I agree with your idea. ^^

I agree with your idea. ^^

I like it. I think that I

I like it. I think that I could make some money off of these, if I cage them... muahaha...

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Chaos!  Fie on thee for such

Chaos!  Fie on thee for such heartless thoughts.  Tongue

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Just an example

In agreement with John's suggestion here's a pic giving the general diversity of mermaids.


Different colored hair, slightly different color tones of tails, and different expressions.

Aurora (not verified)

I might mention.


They'll be clothed in like a top such as in the Little Mermaids. Example of clothing

(I deemed that as acceptable/sufficient since they had it in a G-rated Disney movie)


great idea

my honest opinion is they shouldnt be npcs if they come in a variaty but other than that, this is an awesome idea.

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Appreciate it.

Thanks for all the support guys!

Just saw it's on page 2 of ideas by votes.


awesoman great suggestion, I've updated the idea.

Aurora (not verified)

I do hope that this idea gets

I do hope that this idea gets implemented.

Wow, I nearly

forgot that I had an account here, started blockstory just a few days ago and that reminded me of the various things I had posted months ago.

Still a great idea.

Would be amusing to watch Mermaids upon a setting sun...

good idea

I like this idea have the different types maybe spawn in different locations like green finned redheads spawn 0 to -50 blue finned brunettes -100ish and red finned blondes around Atlantis.

I like it

nice idea, the Atlantis biome needs more mobs.

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I Love It

Maybe you should add mermen too.. Or maybe sailors? Or you can turn into one? (Mermaid or Merman)

I Love It

Maybe you should add mermen too.. Or maybe sailors? Or you can turn into one? (Mermaid or Merman)