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After some exhaustive research, I was able to photograph the 30 plus mobs that can now be riden with the new saddle. This was not an easy task due to the fact that the saddle is unavailable in creative mode, so I had to craft all of them in story mode. And once you dismount your ride a saddle is taken from your inventory, so only crafting one will not get you very far. Each saddle contains 4 horse hides and one stick, so I had to kill a lot of baby horses for this experiment. :D 

Hostile Mobs

Another task that made this tricky, was that the hostile mobs have to be brought down to below 50% health before they can be ridden. And once you dismount they become hostile towards you again. One of the fun features about riding hostile mobs, is that they will still attack other mobs while you are riding them. This creates a great way to grind for gear. I was able to ride every type of giggle, but I only included the pics of me riding the Grampa versions. So you have to figure that there is 4 giggles I left out of the gallery.

Pets and non-hostile mobs

Pets can also be ridden. I was unable to test this on the pet spider due to my lack of materials, but you can ride a normal spider so I have to assume you can ride the pet one as well. I didn't test on the cat or dog either, because I was unable to ride mobs such as the bobcat so I didn't bother trying. You can look at most mobs and know whether or not if they can be ridden. But I did try to ride a squirrel and a lizard anyways. No luck Sad


Let's just say, for scientific reasons, I did try to ride Paula. It was a no go, end of story. Winking None of the NPC's are ride-able.

Under the sea Mobs

The smaller sea mobs, are unride-able, but the bigger ones can be ridden. If you submerge while riding your breath will still run out, so try not to drown.


I hope this answers a few questions, Enjoy.


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You made my day !


how do u craft a saddle???????????

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I wonder if my girlfriend would accept such an excuse.... Winking

xD You made My Week, "Ride

xD You made My Week, "Ride Paula"

Lol nice Conboy

Lol nice Conboy Happy

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lol Conboy!

Attempting to ride Paula!?
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for 9.0 Sad

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I guess im not the only 1

ROLF I guess im not the only 1

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when my Sword,Magic,Gun or Bow has high damage I cant ride monster cause they already die when I hit them


I Already

i already ridded T-Rex, Hydra, SheepBlack, tiger, some others...

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I rodé all of them on the

I rodé all of them on the pics

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Cool pics.

1.I never thought of riding npc's 2. You did all of this to make us experience to see the view of riding boss.SO That makes you #1 awesome researcher of blockstory in the planet @=[::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>

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this is hilarious

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How do you dismounting from them

you on

you on PC or android?


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Dis foto waz taken by mah kaamra