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Chakras's spheres

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I described that idea once, in the gallery "chapell and spheres". It's an idea I had when I began to colorize the planks to decore the spheres. And as my real life is full of search in energy, chamanism, chakras, lithotherapy.. I think that colors (I don't really see them) must have a large part in my building. I won't give you a lesson of energy. The only thing I must explain, is the correspondance between colors and the seven pricipal energetic chakras :

  • The root is red : I success to put the LAM symbol in the floor.
  • the sacred is orange,
  • the solar is yellow,
  • the heart is green (but in lithotherapy, you use pink stone)
  • the neck is light blue
  • the 3rd eyes is navy blue
  • and at least, the coronal is purple...


All that colors are existing in BS. This is the rainbow colors. I will just apply it on seven spheres...

Edit of the 1st of September 2014

I finished yesterday evening the 7th sphere. I must precise that as a beta tester, I try the last coloring processus wich helped me to color the block faster... Before that new processus, coloring the others spheres was a game of patience and endurance.

Others projects.

There was the 4 seasons, The home of spheres, the chakras spheres... and another project is growing in my mind : a tribute to Escher but there will be another gallery for that one...

It makes the world of Essai, as a museum, with is way to follow, going from a theme to another... The chakras spheres close one chapter... another will birth soon.



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