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Well this is no click bate none other that the teleport staff survived an non survivable update when it was replaces with the teleporter.
I found it by accident when I was looking in the chests of my old world and I came across none other than the staff its self!
Its hard to keep them around because after you put it in your inv block story starts tracking it and as soon as you restart the game it replaces it with the new teleporter, but that dose not make it gone for ever, as this video shows it is still in the game just the hardest item to get and the hardest item to keep.
(on a side note it seems slime did not do so well r.i.p slime)

click here to see the staff in 11.2.2: https://youtu.be/Rmi3Lh4dzN8

if you want to see it for your self download the lumpology world and go to my teleport point called temple then look in the chest I show in the video.

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That's coooooooool

Hey lump, talking about BSO, is there any way to be able to play the game with LEAST amount of features like - lighting, decals, speculars, and that stuff?
Cuz my GPU is a literal potato.


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no need

I will make resolution changeable and I will have a few settings for how much power you want to pitch at it but I will do my best to make the game less gpu needing. Normal maps will be optional, I have no plan to use speculars and there plans to make a port of the game that has no open gl and no open al needs.

So I hope that sheds more light on why its taking so long lol.

None of the things I said above are in RC1.8 so you will all have to wail a wile as I work on it.
I am having some more trouble with my networks so it will take some time to fix it.
Also I am making sure that just about every thing can be modded so it is slowing down development a bit.

In time I hope to just be able to make a mod for the game in place of making updates so I am taking grate care in my approaches to the system.

Any way hope that covers everything.


Because I'm just a person who is good at a game...

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I knew that, I found it in an old world download too, it is pretty cool though.

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i actually miss the old

i actually miss the old teleport staff, the new one is cool, but the other on was like, portable, u know what i mean? esier to use