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Hello there ))) has been a while since I posted anything here hasn't it? Well that is of no surprise, the whole fandom has moved to far more active discord server which is BLOOMING, we literally revived this long dead community and it went as far as reaching ears of old members like Jflamer who were inactive for quite some time now. If you still havent joined the discord server please do so by clicking the link provided below in my signature and enjoy your stay there, unless of course you're banned in which case sucks to be you ))) but hey, you've got nobody else than yourself to blame ))). Anyways, Let me fill you in on why I am posting this - those of you who are still using the site instead of discord (in which case its time to stop!!!) may not be aware that block story official as well as unreleased soundtracks are being uploaded to youtube for you to listen. By unreleased I mean soundtracks which never made it to the game, yet are present in the files (Huge shoutout to @Lumpology for providing me with those unreleased soundtracks).

The link to the youtube channel is:

Hope this was helpful to those of you looking for soundtracks, now you can listen to them on youtube instead of going to that broken site provided in credits or archangel's even more broken site XD easy peasy.

But wait thats not all.


Yeah, you read it right, Block Story Merch (merchandise) is renewed, with team Anbani officially working on its design. With Paul's permission new generation of block story merchandise is in production, how's that for news? well you'd know this if you were in discord server, so again if you're not in there, press the link in my signature and join us! 

I will post any further updates concerning merch as blogs for your convenience!

That will be all for today, thank you for your attention ))) hope to see you soon and peace out.

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