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My Top 7 fails in Block Story

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Looking back at all my old worlds I made, makes me remember all my hilarious fails before I got used to building and stuff. So here are my top 10 fails.

10: Attacking Ted!!(Story mode)

Hey, in my defense I didnt know I wasn't supposed to hit him! So I just installed BS and I was just strolling around when I saw him. I panicked and hit him with my newly crafted sword. He retaliated and killed me.

7 Traveling underground (Story mode)

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Praise for 7.0.2

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This is about version 7.0.2 of Block Story.

Mob interaction
I vital feature for a RPG/Free Roam game like this, it adds a whole new level of immersion and realism to the game.
It is very cool to see the mobs fight each other to the death.
You can use it to help you on kill quests, stage coliseum battles, and to guard your home from enemies.
No matter what you use it for, it is a great feature that deserves a round of applause Happy.

Boss Battle Theme
A new epic track that plays in the background when you fight a boss.

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v 4.3
* New translation system
* Snow can be painted
* Thunder
* Electric Dragon
* Interface fixes
* Item names in inventory when drag
* New menu background
* Option to disable particles effect
* Glass transparent again
* Window block
* Added missing translations
* Limits for some skills
* Improved Vehicles and Player controls
* Better sword animation
* A lot of small fixes
* Новая система перевода (с поддержкой iOS)
* Снег можно красить
* Новый эффект погоды гром с молнией
* Золотой дракон в Забытых Небесах
* Косметические исправления интерфейса

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Version 4.2 - HDfication

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v 4.2
* Redused memory usage on defoult settings from 180 to 140mb
* New realistic HD textures
* New black crystal block
* Reverted recipes for crystals blocks
* New block Fence Gate
* Camera rotation fix when touch Door or NPC
* Fixed doors digging
* A lot of small fixes
* Снижено потребление оперативки на стандартных настройках со 180 до 140 мб
* Новые реалистичные текстуры HD качества
* Новый блок черный кристалл
* Обратные рецепты для превращения кристаллических блоков в руду
* Новый блок калитка для забора

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v 4.1.1
* Improved fps especially in slower device
* New water shader optimized for Tegra 3
* Fix crash at startup in some devices
* Grass no longer glows at night
* Separate inventory for exploration mode
* New fence
* Improve battery power use
* Inventory no longer clears randomly
* Увеличение фпс
* Новый шейдер воды работающий на Tegra3
* Исправлены вылеты при запуске на некоторых устройствах
* Трава больше не светится в темноте
* Отдельный инвентарь для режима исследования
* Заменен забор
* Улучшено потребление заряда батареи

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Finally, after months working on it, after fighting against the tools and spending more money that I dare mention, IT IS HERE.

Get Block Story or the free Block Story lite in itunes.

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New trailer

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We have just redone the trailer for the game,
new video is just awesome, original music, more exciting fighting scenes, and no more typos. It is also now what is shown in the home page.

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Version 4.1 - Exploring

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v 4.1
* New game mode: "Exploring"
* New block: Skull and Stair
* Loot system improvement
* Increase level limit from 30 to 200
* Added spanish translation
* Added german translation
* Fixed crashes on many devices
* Fixed lighting problems
* Lot of small fixes
* Добавлен новый игровой режим "Исследование"
* Новые блоки: Череп и Ступени
* Оптимизация системы лута
* Увеличен лимит уровня с 30 до 200
* Добавлен Испанский перевод
* Добавлен Немецкий перевод
* Исправлены вылеты на многих устройствах
* Исправления в системе освещения

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It is great to see reviewers playing the game and becoming fans. Check out this review from

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Our friends the Russians, have made something very cool. A recipe editor app. You no longer have to deal with xml files, or the file system, just configure a recipe, and then go back to Block Story.

Be sure to support these guys, I know I will be buying it.