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Welcome to my pixel art gallery world! These are all the pixel art I created as of May 10th, 2017, and I plan on building some more. I won't update the world everytime I build something new, but I will update it every now and then. I'll let you all know when I do update it. Typically, I just upload an image of my newest creation anyway. I also left teleporters next to all my pixel art in a Creative Mode world, so you can just warp to whichever creation you'd like to see. I also highly recommend you enable flying, especially in the first Pixel Art world.

You are allowed to feature my pixel art in any way you like. However, I advise you DO NOT feature the pixel art with signs crediting artists. (The signs would be located next to the teleporter) Those characters belong to another artist, and I got permission from these artists to recreate their characters.