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Is it out yet?

I answer this question at least 50 times per day. So rather than continue this futile exercise, I will make a page where I will keep up to date my best estimates on when updates will be out


Version status
Store Current Version Next Version Submit date Estimated date
Google Play 7.0.2      
Desura (pc) 7.0.2      
app store 7.0.2      
mac store 5.1 5.3.1   ?
amazon 7.0.2      
barnes and nobles 7.0.1      
  • Current Version is the version that you can buy right now in the store
  • Next version is the new version that will be available in the store.  
  • Submit date,  the day when we submitted the next version to the store. If not present is because we have not submitted it yet
  • Estimated date,  the day I think the next version will be out

Just to clarify, the dates for estimated date are _NOT_  a commitment.  If we got past that day, so be it.  I am simply putting it here to give you my best estimate for when it will be out.  

Please refer to the changelog to see what has been added on each release.