Dunmor is a medieval town which has the following:

Over 50 houses.

A castle.

A city wall with towers.

A fort.

A lighthouse.

A canal.

Two stables.

Two markets.

Two taverns.

Three inns.

A school.

A library.

A park.

A mine. NEW! The mine now has a mine cart and a whole another level. It's no longer boring.

A jail.

A church.

A town hall.

A hard to find treasure room. NEW! A fake treasure room that's designed to kill you.

The old tunnels.

The defense tunnels. NEW! If the town were to fall to an enemy there is now a secret way out for those in the castle which involves the mine.

The smuggler's tunnels.

The sewer tunnels.

The mine tunnels.


Several wells and a fountain.

NEW: Signs!

Explore and enjoy!

NEW! I fixed all the themes to work with Block Story 11.

Here is a link to seven theme packs modified for this world: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0zgt0m4d5lf60g/Themes.zip?dl=0

The standard theme works fine in case you're wondering. Tamaysia HD is the one used for the screenshots and my personal favorite. Note: I take no credit for the themes. I did not make them. If you want yours removed, just ask.

The castle322.49 KB
Overhead view of Dunmor291.9 KB
The fort and the bridge gate469.25 KB
One of the markets533.55 KB
The lighthouse and the beach cottages198.28 KB
The tower inn528.4 KB
The school540.22 KB
The fountain766.3 KB
The defense tunnels371.91 KB
The sewer tunnels356 KB
The canal681.89 KB
The church718.03 KB
The park615.79 KB