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Behold the first Block Story Premium Adventure Map.
I have made both a world and Character zip files that you have to set up to function it, (I will post a video later on how to set it up)
So first things first, everything is set up in a way that you have to follow the rules to play it right, so just follow these rules:

•Use the checkpoints, they are there for a reason.

•Don't place any blocks (unless instructed to do so).

•Follow directions and instructions(that's the only way you know what to do).

•Don't buy or use skills (even if you gain them).

•Try not to rage quit.

And that's all the rules.
Here is how your game has to be set up:
•Default Theme
•Minimum creature spawn rate
•No other restrictions

Things to point out:
•You can't break blocks
•Your skills are set up properly(don't alter them)
•You can't interact with NPCs
•You have no Mana
•You will probably die
•If you choose to share the map; remember to credit the creator (me)
•If you post your playing the map on YouTube; be sure to link my channel to the audience and mention it in the video.
•You will be rewarded at the end.

So yeah that's pretty much it, remember to have fun and thanks for playing. Happy Winking Laughing

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