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This is my new works as a tribute to M. C. Escher.

No, and no ! In that case M. C. doesn't means "MineCraft" ! It means "Maurits Cornelis", the two surname of Escher. I invite you to read more about him at the following page on wikipedia

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new Build

I've started working on a new build, I don't have any pics yet *unless you want a pic of the outline*
All i can say now is:

It's BIG, it's long, and it may or may not have a Shiva in the basement Tongue

I'll post some pics, after i have something other than the wall done.

p.s it's called: The Acolyte Citadel

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(This idea was previously submitted for me by John, but then was inadvertently deleted)

The interaction possibilities with vines are high - vineyards, arbors, trellises, arches, climbing up walls, overgrowing old blocks, using vines like rope, not to mention the fruit/vegetables that can grow on goes on and on.