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Stair coloring

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Basically I want the ability to paint Stairs, I know that a single stair Block already has 4 different terrain data, but truly it shouldn't be too hard to implement every color into all the stairs.
That's 4 × all colors × all Stairs

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This is my new works as a tribute to M. C. Escher.

No, and no ! In that case M. C. doesn't means "MineCraft" ! It means "Maurits Cornelis", the two surname of Escher. I invite you to read more about him at the following page on wikipedia

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Manual Orientation of Stairs

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Blocks, Items

When I'm placing stairs, they tend to randomly orient themselves irrespective of my viewing direction which makes the stairs pretty useless items. Please make it in such a way that when we place stairs, the stairs would face opposite our viewing direction. Suppose if I am looking East and place a stair, it would face West. Also add the ability to place stairs inverse when we are looking up. And auto adjust the stairs to connect when placed adjacent to each other at right angles.

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Spiral staircase to hell

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This is a staircase going from my "home" to -1000 in hell. It started as straight stairs but when Mairah and Hell weren't solid I went to the spiral stair case.