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Block Story vs Minecraft

Hey Guys and Gals!

I just recently made a video involving Block Story and Minecraft.

I made a comparison video and was wondering what your views on it are rather than just my personal opinion.

Link to video here:

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Have a amazing rest of your day or night Laughing

Cree Exona

MineCraft oCd disco Texture Pack

i ported oCd disco's texture pack to block story

it's really simple and clean, which makes your device runs smoothly compared to default texture

I also used mincraft pocket edition's gui for the block story gui

this is just v.1.0 , so im planning on making block story look much cooler

if you find problem with my texture pack, feel free to contact me through email

[email protected]

Texture Pack: 
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So just for fun this morning I ported Minecraft textures to a Block Story texture pack. I didn't post it because some people might get mad. So question: does anyone want me to post it? Or would I get slain in my sleep if I tried? Cuz I'll just keep it for my own use if nobody wants it...