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MATI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is how it all happened; Day 60 of a new story world, night, pouring rain and thunder, farming Shiva and leveling up my Gontar, all of a sudden I turn to the right only to see MATI...

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Trinity Theory

This is my first fanfiction post so hope you like it.
Trinity Theory:
Long ago when the earth was young there were 3 mighty wizards with great power and together they decided to make a world of their own to live in. But for this they had to get help from 3 powerful elemental dragons the eldest of which was Ashkore and he had a younger brother and sister fire and ice dragon they obeyed him as if he was king. So when the 3 wizards teamed up with the dragons they formed a world that they could easily alter and to do so they chose to make it out of blocks as a simple covinience.

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Rename Mati

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Mati is a great name, but I have actually seen a creature that matches the description of Mati, and so has some others, and their documentary was reenacted on Monsters & Mysteries in America on the channel Destination America. I have never gotten photographic proof of it's existence, but in the episode, they showed what the creature actually looked like based on a man's description of it, and it's exactly what I have seen, along with many of my friend's. It is called the Night Stalker, and here is an image of what it actually looks like:

Mati sighting?!??

So it was nighttime and I was building my house, then I looked around and I saw a bright pinkish purple rectangle, It was there for about 5 seconds then it left, Was this Mati only it glitched or something? I tried to take a screenshot but my laptop wouldn't do it.

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Most of mati is invisible but sometimes in blockstory if u have NEWEST/LATEST version u may see mati
Ive seen him

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Abandoned Dragon army

Welcome to the abandoned dragon army,Pal!
respect the rules
respect admins
only kill dragons for quests
rename your pet dragon Eris,if you want.or the name of another dragon (ex.Awesoman jr.Ashkore Jr.etc)
Automatic admins:
Block Princess
P.S=These people may join without requirements.

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I saw Mati...

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Visit me here please!

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Please make Mato more chance to spawn, i want to see him again, please, please, please!