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Saddle "Glitch"

I was flying around the sky then i found a eagle and i mounted on it but it dont obey my commands just kept escaping from me

It's on mobile

easy way to get infinite stuff

to get all the stuff you want, just equip something in one of your character slots (for example, a crystal sword, equipped in right hand). and click and drag it back to the inventory (click the crystal sword equipped in right hand, and drag it to the one in your inventory). POOF!!! you now have double the stuff (2 crystal swords). repeat however much you want, and poof infinite supply of stuff

World glitch with rainbow colors.

I'm having problems loading the textures of the game. Everything has bright, random, staticy looking colors. Anyone else have this problem? Or know how to fix?

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A gallery of odd glitches I've found in block story... the hatter is good at finding the mad. XD

Furnice possibly eating coal

Has anyone else had a problem with the furnace, especially when you exit the game and start it up again later. It seems like the timer stops when your not playing. I don't know if that's supposed to happen with the update or not, and each time I find I have less coal in the furnace then I started with and have nothing made to show for it. Can anyone help me out?

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Major Megaladon Glitch

I'm doing a quest for Megaladon and I have noted 2 MAJOR glitches involving him:

1) When he spawns he sometimes (Unless there is nothing around his spawn) he can glitch out and travel thousands of blocks away from you

2) My computer when playing Block Story averages about 150-160FPS, however, whenever Megaladon spawns my FPS shoots down to 30. When I went to the "shark" seed and 4 Megaladons spawned, my FPS went down to 10. At first I thought it was a boss glitch so I tried spawning Argon, there was little, if any, change in FPS.

Extreme Visual Glitch In Hell

I was running around hell, when all the sudden the screen started flashing and glitching REAL bad, I have an image below.

EDIT: it seems it only affects a certain area, around (1050, 950, -975) with auto generated seed: "PNzlu 9JEJDK4FI"

EDIT 2: in the same seed, I found the bug again around (400,400,-500) and I got more pics.

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[Bug Report] - Items Deleting From Inventory

This is a hard bug to explain but I've experienced it a few times. I've actually lost all of my iron, coal and fire to this bug at some point in time.


If you pick up a stack of items, place one unit of the item down, then place the rest of the stack on top of another type of item then they will all be deleted.

Steps to Reproduce the Bug:

1. Open your inventory.
2. Right click on a stack of items (Example: Sticks) to pick it up.

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[Bug Report] - Female Warrior Quest #1 Not Completable

If this is the wrong place to submit bug reports, please tell me.


I believe this is the first quest for the Female Warrior, she asks you to gather Coal, Bricks and Gold.
There is a quest later on where the Male Warrior asks you to make a Radar for him, to do this you have to ask the Female Warrior for the recipe. If you ask the Female Warrior for the recipe before handing in the coal, bricks and gold quest, then you completely skip it over and aren't able to hand it in.

Steps to Reproduce the Bug: