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Dragon Island

So I was playing some previous version Block Story and I got an inspiration. What if there was a new biome- ish structure, it would be an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by small and low sky islands that are held down by Giant roots (sea grass) anyway it would be covered by only dragons and Dragon related creatures, the island would spawn at least 2500 blocks away from spawn and would be extremely rare. The island would also be pretty large and would have Giant cliffs and mountains with waterfalls and a lot of dragon nest-like structures.

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wivern is the strongest pet in the game, it is made of 1 baby ice dragon, one baby fire dragon, one normal dragon, one baby ashkore, one baby green dragon, five gontars, and 15 mutagen.

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NeckLace on The Dragon

I love the dragons of Block Story, they are a good pet ( And vehicle :P ) and i love submit some ideas for you. I always wanting a necklace that we can put 3 types of crystals in it, a fire crystal, a ice crystal and a bolt crystal, first you will need a essence collector this will absorve the power of the dragon and will deal serious damage on him, after that put the necklace on your dragon, put the crystals and BOOM!

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Armor in/on ( Sry, i'm brazillian ) Dragon Pet

I think, the dragon is a bit weak in defense therms so i created the ARMORED DRAGON


I : Iron Bar
U : Unobtanium Bar
K : Klorium
1~10 : Value


Kx3 Ux10 Kx3
Ix10 Ix10


Kx10 I:10 Kx10
Ix5 U:10 I:5

I not have creativity in te crafting :P

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Forgotten story-Pt.1-The beginning

so you want to know my story huh?
well then here it is.
my name is Eris.I am 16 in Dragon years.
I was born in a cave somewhere up in the sky.
I don't know exactly where but I know I was born in a cave in the sky.
I came out of my egg and I heard a loud thumping coming towards me.
my head back in my eggshell."come out little one"said a deep voice.
"I am your father".when I heard that I came out still shaking a bit.


I lost my Dragon!

I was just shuffling With my items before heading to hunt werewolves on Paula's quest.all of a sudden I noticed I couldn't find my Dragon soul anywhere in my boxes or inventory... is there any way to get another one cos the game just isn't the same without him. :'(. If so will it restart at lvl1?


Freeze on Load

My son was playing yesterday. This morning he tried to go into the game and it displays the initial red dragon screen but freezes ther!. Rebooting does not help. Stopping the app and clearing cache does not help. I went to the play store and saw there was an update so I installed that. Still get same freeze on dragon screen. What do I do?

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Demon Dragon

Well we need more types of dragons..tired of boring old lighting dragons ice dragons and just "dragon" and ashkore pretty good but i want more so i thought of the "demon dragon" just like all the other dragons but darker red than a normal dragon has red eyes and is located in hell (stats are same as a normal dragon)


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