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Door glitch

I've been having a glitch where my doors switch around, they will flip positions in random ways. I break them and replace them and it fixes them, but it happens often with the same doors. It's only double doors.

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Large doors

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Blocks, Recipes, Items

I've been making a castle for a while now and I need large doors for the main entrance, the large doors is simple instead of only a 1x2 block door there should also be a 2x4 block door it should be simple same texture and ratio just a bit larger, the recipe could just be 4 doors in a crafting table and that's it, it is logical and simple, so please can you add something like that.

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Mobs can break down doors

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So as most Blockstorians know, (Yes I know, very cheesy) angry monsters or peaceful NPC's will chase you back to your home. You shut the door and laugh as they mindlessly stare at you, unable to do anything. This idea incorperates hostile mobs to break doors when near them. It would not be allowed in every gamemode just hardcore mode and ONLY hostile mobs would do this. I personally think it would make hardcore mode Truely hardcore, so tell me what you think!

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This is my new works as a tribute to M. C. Escher.

No, and no ! In that case M. C. doesn't means "MineCraft" ! It means "Maurits Cornelis", the two surname of Escher. I invite you to read more about him at the following page on wikipedia