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Block Aesthetics

So everyone knows how coloring blocks works, if you paint one black than the entire texture is changed. Fire is also something the overlays the block texture, well why not put that to use. My idea is to be able to change the block texture by changing its inventory/terrain data. This would be great when it comes to decorating your house or just using better textures mixed together.

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Stair coloring

Basically I want the ability to paint Stairs, I know that a single stair Block already has 4 different terrain data, but truly it shouldn't be too hard to implement every color into all the stairs.
That's 4 × all colors × all Stairs

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Property Claim

I know it sounds useless but from what I have been seeing lately I think this is just what we need. My idea is a tool that can prevent certain spawns, how you may ask, well it would have a gui and when you open it there will be 6 options;

1: Aggression Free( no aggressive spawns )

2: Village only ( only neutrals and npcs spawn )

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Creature Staff

So im prety sure that this isnt a duplicate. So every one knows that spawners are the only way to spawn creatures, and it is kind of annoying having to wait for them to spawn.

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Fire Extinguisher

So some people didn't like my idea about turning fire off so my idea is a fire extinguisher, it is crafted from few resources and would have 100 durability as well as a 5x5x5 block reach distance. the function would be both a weapon and a tool, so if anything is hit with it, the thing would get the frost affect. But when it comes to fire it would put out all fire in a 5x5x5 radius.

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Fire Griefing setting

So a lot of people have complained that fire has destroyed their worlds, well I've gotten a solution. In the misc settings you should add a setting that can disable fire, all it would do is cancel out the feature any time it is supposed to activate and bang no more fire grieving complaints. I think that this is something that a lot of people can agree to be a necessary setting. (basically a setting that stops fire from spreading)

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biome display

So I haven't been playing much lately but I finally got to posting this idea. Everyone knows that there is no way to tell what biome you are in, well I've got a way to solve it, so the current fps counter has a blank space in it. My idea is to fill that space with the biome detector.

biome: jungle

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Sky Lands Biomes

So everyone knows the plain old sky islands they are extremely flat and plain, we'll my idea is to improve them by making them more diverse. First off adding mountains and overall better elevation, and also adding in rare biomes that you usually find on the ground like Tundra and Jungle. I think this could make the Skylands even more mystical.

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Dragon Island

So I was playing some previous version Block Story and I got an inspiration. What if there was a new biome- ish structure, it would be an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by small and low sky islands that are held down by Giant roots (sea grass) anyway it would be covered by only dragons and Dragon related creatures, the island would spawn at least 2500 blocks away from spawn and would be extremely rare. The island would also be pretty large and would have Giant cliffs and mountains with waterfalls and a lot of dragon nest-like structures.

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Completely Ironic Death Messages

So everyone knows the boring old story death, well now it can change with the new ironic death messages. So the way that they would work is that they would appear on the same thing as the saving sign, these would be conditional so they would be different depending on the way you or your pet dies.


(player name) burned in acid


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