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The Realm of Awesomity.

A place that has no beginning yet no end. You will find yourself in a great place of awesomeness, although awesomity is more than just awesome.


Ashkore level 70

Dudes, I been travelling in the floating lands, trying to go higher, but then I see Ashkore, the dragon I killed several times, not jus' ordinary Ashkore, but he's on "LEVEL 70", health of 10-700.
I wanna know why he got level 70 so fast.

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Visit me here please!

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The Story of Ashkore

Before reading the Story of Ashkore, make sure you do your best to visualize the characters as well as you can for the most effect. To help with this I've decided to give a few descriptions before the actual story.

The small village the story opens up to has a population of about 350 people. The town is in between a beach with pier and a forest holding unknown secrets and strange animals. The people of the village are told to stay away from the forest.

Ashkore: 17 years old, strong build, aspires to be like Askook, loves to fish.

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Ashkores biggest fans

for all those who love ashkore

this guild is for those who love Ashkore like me! Happy if you are a big fan of Ashkore, go ahead and join! no need to ask. if your joining this guild, you gotta agree to this code:

1. I promise to only kill Ashkore for quests, items, or if he attacks me. otherwise, he is my friend, even if he scratches off my face, fry me in electricity, and eat me for dinner
2. If there is one dragon I respect the most, it is Ashkore
3. I find Ashkore as the best dragon ever existed.
4. I promise to take care of awesoman's pet Ashkore if he disappears (which hopefully shouldnt happen)