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Something is Coming.

Hey folks so i have some news. So i installed blockstory on my second laptop so that I could continue enjoying this lovely game. And i have officially began drawing schematics for something epic. I can't tell you what it is but i will tell you that there will be a timelapse series for it and that it is not an adventure map. besides that i can show you a few screenshots and until the first timelapse is released you will all just have to wait.

P.S. My main pc still isn't working So no blockstory stream any time soon. (This pc is kinda garbage)

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Blockstory live stream *CANCELLED*

Live stream is cancelled due to bug in Blockstory game that prevents me from playing.. Will reschedule in the future but until this problem is fixed i cannot play the game.

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New Blockstory Let's play

Blockstory survival is debatably the most popular video series on my youtube channel. its been awhile since i played the game so i figure its probobly time to release season 2 already. Here it is enjoy Folks

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Hey Blockstory Fam

I've been gone for quite a long time from this site and i decided that now might be a good time to return to the site.
Now as to where I have been well that's a story.

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Blockstory questing

This is a parody and is completly for comedic intent do not be offended by any of this content. Now heres a video of how blockstorys quest system makes me feel. Keep in mind ive never played 9.0 or beyond so i dont know about the reformation of the questing sytem.[video: width:500 height:500]

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Top Ten Videos pt 2

This is by far better then the first and again is strictly satiricle in nature. please dont take offense in any way and if u like it recomend what i make a list of next[video: width:500 height:500]

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Merry Christmas to Every one in the giggle army

if u love Christmas and giggles this is for u. hope everyones holiday was great and i hope we have another great year on[video: width:500 height:500 align:center]

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Top 10 Videos

These videos will all be satiricle and solely for comedy sakes so please dont be offended[video: width:500 height:500 align:center]

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The Haunted Mansion 2.0 Will be Released Tomorow

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6468:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:6469:]][[wysiwyg_imageupload:6470:]]Enjoy these preview images for this is all u get. Im not even making a trailer for this map

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The final Epic Blockstory Timelapse

here it is the final timelapse. still no guesses as to what it is yet though

[video: width:500 height:500]


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