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Block Story Movie Graphics Demo (last one!)

Well here it is, the last demo before the movie!

In this demo I hope to show what our graphics standard is going to be for the movie:

[video: align:center]

Please tell me what you think.
I will post a 1080p image download on the Block Story Discord:

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The Block Story Discord Is Up!

Just one more way we can all nerd out!
Join here:
(the old link was removed because of an error from staff if you used it please update to the new one)

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Ever wondered how far you can go in block story?

Behold block story's impossible to reach mark:

[video: align:center]

Have you made it 10,000,000 or more blocks out?

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The Block Story Movie teaser trailer

The first trailer is on us!

Hope you are as hyped as I am!

Movie coming 2019(date may change).

[video: align:center]

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Block Story Online RC1.8

[video: align:center]

And it is here, block story online RC1.8!

What is new?

1. GLSL Shaders! (awesome Open GL stuff)

2. New HD Sky (Only temporary)

3. Mipmaps (for better textures)

4. Bug Fixes (as always)

5. I got rid of some useless blocks to help with the FPS (I will be adding those back soon)

Download the beta here:

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Block Story Online RC1.7

[video: align:center]

I have been working hard to bring you this update for block story online, and though it dose not have every thing I promest that would be in it, it still has a lot of cool new stuff:

what is new in Block Story Online release candidate 1.7:

Changes to the player for better system control.

New NPC wizard(watch out he has a few bugs).

Added new object for sending the wizard over a network.

Changes to the host.

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Block Story Online RC1.6

OK so the update is here:

[video: align:center]

What is new?

1. The server Host now has modding support

2. New land generator

3. New player modle

4. New sky

5. New blocks

6. New world border

7. Changes to the player

8. A few small bug fixes

9. You can now have a max of 8 players on a server at any time instead of 6

10. started development on online servers

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Block Story Online RC1.5!

Hello I am Lumpology and I am happy to give you the first update to Block Story Online, so good bye RC1.4 and hello RC1.5!
What is new in release candidate 1.5
1. The host can now have 6 people on a server instead of 5
2. New menu screen
3. New loading screen
4. The player is now 0.2 blocks smaller fixing the 2 block fit bug
5. Updated falling mechanics
6. Added automatic jumping
7. Bug fixes to many parts of the game mechanics

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Now you can play block story online!

#ProjectBlockStoryForMultiplayer So I have been working day and night to bring Block Story Online to a point that I can let you all beta test it!

[video: align:center]

Download the client and host here:

Report any bugs you find to the comments under this post.

Start up the Host before the client to play over a LAN.



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