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IOS Update News

We have learned a great deal from our Android 9.3 update.

The first thing is that we are not doing a very good job of helping our new players learn how to play our game. We have a strong one day retention rate from new players but the number of players coming back on the seventh day to play Block Story is about half of what it should be for a successful mobile game. The message was loud and clear … we needed to create a more robust tutorial. New players need to become fully engaged in Block Story so they will become a strong member of our community.

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Block Story's First Official Mod: Rpg Remastered Graphical Showcase

Rpg Remastered Graphical Showcased. A Mod Started in May, and still being worked on today. In the Video I show off some of the Graphical features in the Mod.


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Block Story Advisory Council

Head Hunter and I are pleased to announce the formation of the Block Story Advisory Council.

The following “long-time” fans and players have agreed to serve on the Council to help us make Block Story the best mobile and PC playing experience possible.


Members of the Council include:

Kevin Braun, Ringgold, Georgia

Brian Conboy, Spokane, Washington

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Blockstory Memes made by Rigs @ your request

nothing inapropriate please (crap misspelled that) so here is an example

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Blockstory podcast "Featuring Conboy???"

Me and jayden got an excelent and wonderfull oppurtunity to speak to conboy about his oppinions on the new terrain generator. I felt pretty humbled to be speaking to tye god of building himself and hope we can have other special guests on our little talk show. Enjoy the episode and ignore the adio and video bucks. Sokething happened during editing that i couldnt figure out how to fix.

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Epic adventure map trailer "Nowlater Saves the World

I finished this the other day so it should be uploaded this week on monday afternoon. i made this map to say thankyou to donevan for playing all of my adventure maps regardless of if they were bad. enjoy the trailer ok...

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Just like the coconut this squid seems kinda outa place. Gotta love that generator

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Block Story 9.0 Showcase







A Small Showcase of 9.0

If you guys would like to see more videos of 9.0 Please let me know.

*Note-I had a hard time trying to get the audio working correctly so some parts of the video are more queit then the rest.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy.









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