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Another Fake Block Story Ad

Unfortunately, there are ZERO worlds that got uploaded this week so I must make another fake Block Story related advertisement. Before I do, I want to say I encourage everyone who is reading this blog to upload as many epic worlds as possible!

Do build a lot of tall buildings? Are you always tired after spending days building walls?

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new/updated worlds

My Worlds by FlamingoDQ
Contestia by Fish

Since only those two worlds were uploaded this week and only about two worlds would be nothing more than a waste of a blog, I'm going to entertain you with a fake, Block Story-related advetisement:

You have had a long days work, you finally finished that castle you wanted to build. Then you realized, you still have to finish that statue! Another problem, its in another world! Now you have to go all the way back to the main menu and load up the other world! D:

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SO Here is a loaded question jk

Would anyone like to see nowlater saves the world part 2. If yes the story that the first one ended on was not happy becuase the monsters escaped with rigigos and as nowlater it is your job to put a stop to it. Part 2 would have more parkour and if yes to a part 2 their will be a part 3 aswell okok ya so if u like the idea just comment down below if u want it

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"kingdom of contesia" building contest ___ON HOLD___

Contest of Contesia


this contest will be to see who can make the best village then to see them all in one world


each person will build in a seperate biome


6 biomes 6 villages


comment to aplly and pick a biome that hasnt been picked yet


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Beta 10 is available now

Version 10 beta 1 is now available  for android.

We have introduced a new character that will serve as your guide in the game. The tutorial and storyline have been completely redesigned from the ground up,  so even if you are an old time player,  you will get to see plenty of new adventures.  You can't skip the tutorial,  but it moves rather quickly, and as part of the storyline,  so hopefully you guys won't mind.

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New/updated worlds

A couple years ago, I would make a weekly blog update about all the worlds that were submitted that week. I stopped for some unknown reason, but now I might as well start again. there hasn't been very many submitted this week so I will share all the worlds on the front page (most recently submitted)

My world of "essai" by Nathalie Sakayan
Nowlater saves the world (adventure map) by Rigigos
Boss Mobs Zoo by Conboy
¡Arcadia! by FlamingoDQ
Survival Bs V 1.0 by Juan Ramirez
Block Story CTM COMPLETAR EL MONUMENTO by Juan Ramirez
my awesome survival house by ninjaawesomeness87

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Where have i been

Hey guys. I am here to apologize for just leaving. I haven't been busy and i haven't been grounded, i just left. I lost faith in blockstory because of some stupid update that still hasn't come out and quite frankly its me being an idiot. I will say that NO NEW ADVENTURE MAPS WILL BE POSTED TILL THE UPDATE COMES OUT. the reason for this though is that my plans cannot be fulfilled until the update. i hope no one is mad at me for leaving. i may post a fanfiction sooon

I can't complain...

…well I did a bit, in a forum post (which I've deleted), about some spam posts that have been hanging around for a while. It was a wee bit negative in tone and it got me thinking - I need to be more positive. Complaining might make me feel better, but it will do nothing to improve things.

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