So Rigigos released his newest adventure map a few weeks ago, and like I always do I made a video of it. It ended up being three parts and I'll show them here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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if u love Christmas and giggles this is for u. hope everyones holiday was great and i hope we have another great year on

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Top 10 Videos

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These videos will all be satiricle and solely for comedy sakes so please dont be offended

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6468 the main lobby6469 Something in the Shadows6470 The Haunted Mansion 2.0Enjoy these preview images for this is all u get. Im not even making a trailer for this map

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There’s nothing like…

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… a good cup of Java in the morning!

Sadly, Block Story doesn’t have such a thing in game – we have Health Potion, we have Mana Potion, we even have Poisen (Spider Venom), but no coffee. Aaahhh, what I wouldn’t give for an Arabica plant, with cherries of course. I would happily grind the beans between two Forgotten Stone and brew the drink that jump starts 99% of the world’s population every morning.

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here it is the final timelapse. still no guesses as to what it is yet though

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Here is part 2. Lets play a game. guess what im building and if u get it write u win secret prize lol have fun

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Epic Building Timelapse

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I spent about 2 hours building yesterday and recorded almost all of it so. i sped it up 5X to compress an hour and a half of footage to about 15 mins. its fun to watch and pretty cool looking if i say so myself.

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I wont do a poll so here we go the next adventure maps are

Escape the squish (a parkiur map of mystery)
Sonic (parkour themed around everyones favorite hedgehog)
nowlater saves the world 2 (shooter adventure)
Haunted mansion 2.0 (updated larger and harder version of the infamous haunted mansion)
Or leave youre ideas down below and ill think about it.

Also i thought about doing one and then having a fanfiction writen around it so this is also an option