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Colored lights

On this video I show what colored lights look like. 


There are 4 primary colors: Red, Green, Blue and Sunlight. I added ore that emits Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan. Sunlight is emited by most air blocks above the surface. 

Colors merge beautifully: if there is a red ore, next to a blue ore, then a lot of the light will be purple. 

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Version 0.3

Version 0.3 of Blocksters. Now in technicolor.

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Version 0.2

  • terrain generation has been vastly improved. Now there are lots of overhangs, very walkable terrain,
  • floating islands are flatter, overall, much more interesting terrain.
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Version 0.1

Version 0.1

* Walk as far as you want in any direction. 

* First version playable on the web

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Floating islands

What is the point of having infinite world vertically if there is nothing to see above the surface?

Behold floating islands:


They are generated by running a 3d simplex noise, and then a second one at higher frequency to carve away the bottom.

With those, people will be able to build their fortress up in the sky if they want to, and I will be able to spawn monsters up above for people to go get them.

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I am particularly proud of my cave system. 

Here is how it looks to the player:


You can see the caves are long and narrow. You can see the flashlight in action (which will be an item in the final game), and the blocks interacting with the flashlight.

You can see also gold that has a custom specular bump mapped shader. With the flashlight you can see depth on the rock and gold.

Here is another view to show the complexity of the cave system.

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For this video, I added water with waves


It does not flow yet, but you can see transparency that looks good, fresnel effects and wave animation

When seing water surfaces behind other water surfaces, for example with underwater caves, there may be some artifacts. I am biting the bullet and keeping them be as they are hard to notice and fixing them would require some performance killing changes.

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First demo

On this video I show the first demo of Blocksters.


The world is made out of blocks, and it is infinite in all directions. You can keep walking, or going deep into caves and you will never get to the end of it.

In the video you can see what sand, grass and dirt look like. You see shadows in corners and crevices, which is called "Ambient Occlusion". 



Paul's picture has been born

I just created the web site for Wacata.

The web site was built with Drupal. I have added all kinds of features:


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