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We have been working hard on adding some new Quests to the game

We have been working hard on adding some new Quests to the game. Here is a sneak peek of what is coming soon:


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Android Players, Tell Us What You Think!

The development team has been working hard day and night on getting everything just right for Block Story.

We hope you are enjoying the new quests and your search for the Dragon Lord.

If you can, please post a review on Google Play.

Here is the link:

In the review section you will see a box  on the right that says “write a review.”


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Version 10.3.5 is now available in amazon

Finally,  Amazon has the very latest version of Block Story.
Update at your earliest convenience, and enjoy all the new goodies including:
  • New epic storyline
  • Ride your pets and 29 other creatures
  • Achievements
  • Villages
  • Volcanoes
  • Rebalance monsters
  • Spawners are not visible
  • Tools durability
  • Axe, shovel, hammer
  • Furnace
  • Thai translation
  • Paint brush
  • Spell to trap creatures
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Face the Dragon Lord

It is finally out. Version 10.3.2 is available now in google play.

This version includes the full storyline, including you meeting the Dragon Lord.

Happy questing and let us know (without spoilers) what you think of it.

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The Dragon Lord is coming

I am sure a bunch of you reached the end of chapter 1 in our new storyline.

Well, I am happy to tell you we have written the rest and we are adding it to the game right now. You will get to meet the Dragon Lord in the near future :). I think you will have a blast.

I won't give spoilers, but feel free to discuss here what you think will happen.

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Want to be a part of the Block Story development team?

Are you bilingual with English and any other language? Want to see Block Story in your language or improve an existing translation?

Then you might be just the person for our translation development team. As our game continues to change it is extremely important to keep it up to date with the major languages of our players around the globe.

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New beta for STEAM available

Our open beta for Block Story is now available. You do not need any special codes. Open your STEAM account and go to library. Right click on Block Story. Click on properties, betas and select the beta branch.

Download the beta and let us know what you think of version 10.1.9 of Block Story.

New BlockStory Survival Series

Hello, I am making a new survival series of BlockStory! I've made 3 parts as of now and there is more to come! 

Part 1: [video:]

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Blockstory questing

This is a parody and is completly for comedic intent do not be offended by any of this content. Now heres a video of how blockstorys quest system makes me feel. Keep in mind ive never played 9.0 or beyond so i dont know about the reformation of the questing sytem.[video: width:500 height:500]

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Top Ten Videos pt 2

This is by far better then the first and again is strictly satiricle in nature. please dont take offense in any way and if u like it recomend what i make a list of next[video: width:500 height:500]


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