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do you want a weekly render?

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Do you want a weekly render from the upcoming block story movie?
Well I will give you one if I can get 10 people to give this post 5 stars!
In these renders will be hints on what will be in the movie!

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The the first cycle is here!
I would like to thank Head Hunter for making this project possible.
Make sure to look at the link to see the .gif:

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Ok so with how much we have done so far I would say the movie will be done in about the year 2020.
The duration of the movie will be about an hour 10min.
More stats include that the movie will be in 3D, and the first release of the movie will be at 1080p resolution but I will make a 5K version after the release.

PS: found cool picture, very inspirational.

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more movie tests

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so I had a quick aha moment to day and so I made this to help with the movies alpha vision.
(there is a pic in the post)

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block story movie lighting

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This video will show you the true next gen lighting I am putting in the movie.

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first test render

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ok so today I made a test render for the movie(look at it here: )
please tell me what you think.
I will try to post more of thees test renders when I can before the trailer.

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the project

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ok so for my first blog post I would like to start by saying thank-you to Head Hunter for letting me use the blog.
ok so this is an update on the block story movie.
pre production on the movie just stopped and the real production just started.
all of the people working on the movie are: Head Hunter(producer), Jonathan DeaDicated(story line), The Omega(story line), One_And_Only_Eman(Assistant Director and main story artist), Awesoman(consultant), Dark wolf(story line) and Lumpology(aka me)(Director, animator and story artist).

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Check out new Special Winter Block Story update. v 10.5.2 was uploaded to GooglePlay.

New features and fixes:
* Winter theme in main menu
* New pet Snowman
* New model block Christmas tree
* Better weather effects
* Bug fixes and improvements

Default texture pack updated to 10.5.2

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Odd Case

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Donovan and I are conducting an investigation on an odd case we discovered. Every time I check on the Fire and Ice guild there are a couple of thousand requests to join. Members with generic usernames. What's strange is how inactive the site is especially the chat. Our research so far shows that the site gets 40K visits a month 74.11% by search so no accidental link or ad clicks. You would think these members would've rebuilt the community or something. If anyone has any theories please feel free to share here or contact me on Kik. My username is Chronicle221
Thanks, xoxo Rupture

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Mindblocks Studio is proud to present a very special version of Block Story. Not only do you get all the great things our Steam version offers, but there are NO in-app purchases, which means you can find those precious diamonds far easier than ever before.

So take a break, and go for a ride on your pet dragon as you explore the vast world of Block Story with the most beautiful graphics to date.