My Dog Ate It!

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How many times have you tried to use an excuse like that when you missed a deadline? English Lit paper overdue? TPS report running late? I am tempted to use it now for this week’s blog article, but I don’t even have a dog! The sad fact is that my blog article was a low priority this week, my deadline is fast approaching, and I got nothing!

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  • Redesigned Atlantis.  Our best biome yet, starts at -200 underwater. Tread carefully Winking
  • New quests for Atlantis
  • New quest for jetpack
  • Fixed sapplings spawning oak trees
  • Better recipe for bone shield
  • Added 4 more slots to the chests,  16 instead of 12 slots
  • Change the create new character screen to make it clearer it is waiting for user input
  • Fix issue with french translation
  • Fix breath issue with diver suit
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Version 5.4 - Fly away

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This changelog is overdue,  sorry about that



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5.4 Something stirs.......

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5.4! Why cant I capitalise numbers? Crying 5.4 is here, and is both an exceptional update and a precursor to the next update, the coveted 5.5!!! Here's the log.

Advancements In Engineering

The same mechanical techniques that created the Car, king of land, have been perfected to dominate air and sea! These wouldn't be possible without the discovery of Blue Hellfire, a powerful fuel.

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What is in an icon?

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I am so excited about recent developments I had to come and show you


This graph shows the amount of installs of the full version per day for the past 6 months from google play.

You can clearly see the impact of some events.  

When we lowered the price sales started picking up speed,  which tell us that we were priced too high.

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Efforts are paying off

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you can tell that in the last week or so Head Hunter and I have switched strategies a little bit.

First the new icon in google play. I think it looks awesome, it is fresh, and does a better job at describing the game.

Then you got the constant stream of updates. I am exhausted and I am sure HH is too, but we have decided to do smaller updates at least twice a week, as opposed to 1 big update every few weeks.

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New Atlantis biome

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Lots of rumors and confusion on the atlantis biome.  

Well,  allow me to unveal the curtain.  

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Everybody knows that with the new update we have these strangest rivers that havve appeared everywhere. Well I started up my world at night and slept in my bed. I. Then saw a strange streem and decided to check it out. The river led around for a while but was definitely no there before. So I decide to teloport to northbound to c if it effectid them. Well luckily all it did was drill straight through the elevated city and below the walls. Easy to fix. Frontljne came close to wipeout but was still safe. Then I graceless to sandburough. I almost fryer at what I saw.

Let me tell you a secret…

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…Just kidding Happy

I wouldn’t want to violate the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that I signed. But, I can tell you two things I know about secrets: 1) We all want to know the secret, and 2) We all want to share the secret!

Sorry, no secrets will be revealed, but I do try to include some information, on some feature of Block Story, every week in this space. Otherwise, there would be no point – and I do try to have a point, even though I may take my time getting to it! Like now for instance Winking

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Updated logo

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Hi, i want to show new updated logo, this is final result.

First one is logo, second one is icon.


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