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Version 5.6.1 - GPS be gone

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  • Removed GPS permission
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Version 5.6.0 - Facelift

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  • New skin for interface
  • New split touch control mode (enabled in the settings)
  • new table
  • new unit chair
  • Rotate screen depending on how the user holds the device
  • Minor fixes
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New arrow types!

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We just finished adding new arrow types, check out this video to see how they work)

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What I do

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Dnowlin? with a blog?!?

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OK, i am starting a blog. i was thinking of doing the "favorite" things in recent updates not whats in it like ncaoa's. ( i am quite fond of that one btw) and also what you wish to see with these items, like impovments and stuff like that. i don't know if this will work out, but thats what the comment section is for. Happy) i guess i'll start this one a little late but i can't wait for the next to talk about and the one before, i like the items in that one too... the jet pack is one of my favorites, because if you have a gun it is surprisingly easy to aim while flying over mobs at high speeds.

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I have gotten a few requests about this:  How do seeds work?  What kind of sourcery is behind generating a humongous world from just 1 word. Well tighten your math belt for this ride can be rough.

There are essentially 2 ways to do procedural terrain generation:  

Oh Yeah, Life goes on…

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…long after the thrill of living is gone. What did that mean to John (Cougar) Melloncamp? What does it mean to you? You can bet that you’re going to find out what it means to me! ROLF

I’ve started numerous building projects in Block Story – I’ve only finished a few. I haven’t abandoned them – they’re just on the back burner. Winking How many of your building projects are on hold? I probably have half a dozen or so. I try not to think about these neglected projects too much – it tastes too much like defeat Sad

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Chair and table blocks

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Hi guys, check out new block types) Coming in next update!





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Brand new GUI

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Hi, i want to show how GUI in next update will looks like. Development of this new GUI take a lot of time, i hope you like it)

New GUI maded by Anton Firsik









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emtry for spring contest by trajan
taj mahal by mystic monk
garden temple by jimmylips75
rubberlandia by rubber ducky
teedles kingdom - biggest update yet by teedle dee
peacekeeper by highly toxic
mineing city by dnowlin
lighthouse of alexandria by john
my world of essai by nathalie sakayan