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Brand new GUI

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Hi, i want to show how GUI in next update will looks like. Development of this new GUI take a lot of time, i hope you like it)

New GUI maded by Anton Firsik









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emtry for spring contest by trajan
taj mahal by mystic monk
garden temple by jimmylips75
rubberlandia by rubber ducky
teedles kingdom - biggest update yet by teedle dee
peacekeeper by highly toxic
mineing city by dnowlin
lighthouse of alexandria by john
my world of essai by nathalie sakayan

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So almost by complete accident I discovered that the bow is up there for being the deadliest weapon in blockstory. I was playing in creative mode with a snow Mr giggles when it happened. I shot an arrow at the ground and said Mr giggles walked through it. Here is the deadly part. My bow only does 7 damage per hit. By the time the giggles had walked through the 2 arrows it was dead. Its health constantly drained and it was dead in seconds. I tried this with other monsters and had the same results. If u raise your bow damage this could be the greatest weapon in the game.

One Ring to Rule them all…

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Who hasn’t read The Lord of the Rings? Few if any – if you haven’t, get out of the chat rooms and start reading! One Ring to Find them… my latest challenge is to do just that – gather all the items necessary to craft the four Block Story rings. LOTR and other works by Tolkien have been a major influence in many of our lives – Ramble On by Led Zeppelin is running through my head as I write this.

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It seems that...

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All of you guys put my bad history behind us. You guys/girls are my best friends i could wish for. I dont have much friends in real life, other than a guy named Jaramiah, we have been best friends for over 6 years, but he moved a few days ago. Paul, ssgrouch and Aberrant all taught me stuff, and many others have been very supportive. I know some of you like Fish hate when i post these sort of things but i felt the need to. And since this site has done its good for me, i did good for this site.

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page 2:

not sure what to name it yet... by Trajan

front page:

paradise resort beta 1 by Lane
RubberLandia by Rubber Ducky
Norworld by Lone Warrior
treehouse with difficultly based arenas by Riptide
Project Super Maze by Fier and Ice
Gothic Cathedral by Conboy
The Prayer Adventure Map by rigigos
my first-ever world updated to 5.5.1 (i think) by vesper 4
Block Story City by GrandMasterX
Builders Dream - I am removing as soon as i update "teedles kingdom" by Teedle Dee

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apply for white list now

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Hahahahahaaaa April foooools guys there will be no white list. Lolz I'm posting the map today hahahaaaa I would never white list a map

My Dog Ate It!

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How many times have you tried to use an excuse like that when you missed a deadline? English Lit paper overdue? TPS report running late? I am tempted to use it now for this week’s blog article, but I don’t even have a dog! The sad fact is that my blog article was a low priority this week, my deadline is fast approaching, and I got nothing!

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  • Redesigned Atlantis.  Our best biome yet, starts at -200 underwater. Tread carefully Winking
  • New quests for Atlantis
  • New quest for jetpack
  • Fixed sapplings spawning oak trees
  • Better recipe for bone shield
  • Added 4 more slots to the chests,  16 instead of 12 slots
  • Change the create new character screen to make it clearer it is waiting for user input
  • Fix issue with french translation
  • Fix breath issue with diver suit