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"The Jersey devil"
very well thought out idea with a needed nurfing on damage and maybe half as much health but this is one of those things I would almost request to be in blockstory. For a very long time cryptips were an obsession to me and I have to say I would give money to see this in our game (lost tapes ftw)

"Ice cream"

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new/updated worlds this past week

Avg: 3.7 (3 votes)

garden of eden by zephlar minence
the block depot by conboy
tree shrines by liamandstuff
teedles kingdom by teedle dee

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First Blog!

Avg: 4.7 (16 votes)

Daily News:

As some of you know I have the honour of being able to blog now!

Always love receiving these:

‘Cause I’m TNT, I’m Dynamite

Avg: 4.7 (15 votes)

Perhaps the most highly anticipated feature in Block Story history is TNT. Why? ‘Cause boys like to blow things up! Men (who are still boys at heart, no matter what their age) like to blow things up!! It’s just a (major) part of our nature – it’s written into our DNA. There is no evolutionary explanation for it – it just IS!!! Now girls tend to like things such as Jimmy Choo heels, Coach purses, and miniature dog breeds that fit into Coach purses. And that, I can explain – there’s a kink in their DNA ROLF

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news weekly

Avg: 3.5 (4 votes)

This will be a news report for major things around blockstory.
first thing first paul and headhunter have posted 2 videos of there new game darkwaters which I'm pretty sure were all excited to get are hands on. It looks amazing and buetiful and I'm sure will be amazing to play and hopefully have online multyplayer.
Next is the end of the compotition of the month. Many people entered but so far we have not been given word on a winner. My guess would go to conboy, John or awsomeman. There builds were fantastic and well built. My map can only get third at best.

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idea review 5

Avg: 3.6 (5 votes)

I was asked to make this by lyacon

#1 - Wrist blade by dragonette http://www.blockstory.net/idea/wrist-blade I personaly love this idea,and it would be perfect for keeping my giggles in their house. It has a 5 star review with 6 votes

#2 - grape vines by john http://www.blockstory.net/idea/grape-vines This idea was made the day of the last idea review, but i am going to allow it. It is a very good idea,as a decorative block, as well as being able to harvest grapes fom them. It has a 4.5 with 17 votes.

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new/updated worlds this past week

Avg: 3.7 (3 votes)

Vvardenfell by mystic monk
glitched spawners by light
CABIN #2 EPIC VILLAGE by gate2fate
the sunken tower in the enchanted forest by mystic monk
1st by lozerface78
Teedle's kingdom by teedle dee
lanes entry for jflamer by lane
johns entry for jflamer by john
lights terrible world by light (not sure if it IS terrible)
a world of wonder by me

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25 things for a beginner to do

Avg: 4 (10 votes)

1.Find and download blockstory
2.Get lost in the main menu
3.Make a world
4.Go straight to creative
5.Do stuff with tnt like blow up delish Baby Horses.
6.Play with acid
7.accidentally send yourself to the middle of BS with acid
8.Go to survival
9.Run from the baby giggles that spawned behind you in that cave
10.Find out how to make a sword
11.Get almost a thousand swords
12.Kill yeti's
13.Level up
14.See a dragon and try to beat it
16.Get armor
17.Accidentally use acid and send yourself to deep hell
18.Eat raw meat
19.Make a house

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I put together the web site because I thought that having a community around the game would make it more enjoyable for everyone. I also think interacting directly with you would help us make a better game.


As we are working hard to enhance the game with features and bug fixes, I find trace amounts of time to enhance the web site. So here is a small list of changes that have gone in recently:


Faster web site

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my short absence ends

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Srry for my dissipearence. But I was helping my grandmother move and she has no Internet at her house. Oh weird coincidence. The appartment building had lots of routers all locked. But one just happened to be named tigress. Interesting right.