A Paradigm Shift…

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When I first began playing Block Story in August 2012, I mined and placed blocks in the normal way. One night, about a month ago, I modified or created nearly 150 chunk files, placing about 300,000 blocks, without ever opening the Block Story App! What am I doing? How did I get here? Where am I going? And, Do I need to see a doctor about my increasingly severe OCD tendencies? were all questions that ran through my mind the next morning as I checked my work from the previous night.

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Today finally was fixed very unpleasant bug in interface, where icons clipping was wrong in several places, and also now text always overlay icons Happy


Also bug with textures on some PoverVr devices was fixed too. Version 5.2.2 will be live in google play in few hours.

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Yooruji by banamahna
the mobs depot by john
northrock by fish
a world of wonder by me
teedles kingdom by teedle dee
builders dream also by teedle dee

this weeks list is longer than last weeks Happy lets keep it up and maybe add more!

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If your a loyal fan of my youtube channel I will tel u dis. Tonight I will record a video and upload it tomorow then Tuesday I will record and upload on Wednesday so if u watch me well Happy I'm back

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Block Story 5.2 is coming!

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Finally we fixed last errors and uploaded apk to GooglePlay)
* Added player profiles
* Sync worlds and profiles beetween devices
* Better player stats indicators
* Acid, cactuses and lava deal damage on touch
* Some UI improvements
* Fixed slleping on some devices
* Fixed acid consuming
* Texture pack support
* Faster main menu
* Fixed sky and water shader
* Added thunder bolts
* Decreased hand attack cooldown
* Cooldown indicators
* Powerful mobs drop better items
* All spawners in creative
* Better experience gain
* A lot of small fixes

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Shine bright like a diamond

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As I wrote earlier,  we are working on normal mapping, which makes textures look bumped.

Well, we also are adding specular light.  Specular light is light reflection.  Say you approach gold with a torch in hand,  it will reflect the light from your torch.   You can see specular light in action in the blue crystal below.  

… as my father Paul described me, but I was the first! You would think that the first Mob in Block Story would get a bit more respect. Many pretend to love me; ncaoa encourages people to hug me, and Pikeman72 even started a guild to protect me. But where are all you pretenders now?

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Just submit them to me and ill review them and the winner will receive 24 karma plus will receive the new adventure map 3 days early. I'm a reasonable person so if u want an extra day or so I can grant u that much but no more then 3 days

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…then listen now to what I say. Just fire up Creative mode and take some time to learn how to play. Okay, Stephen Stills didn’t exactly write the lyric that way but... When Creative mode was introduced in the epic 5.0 release of Block Story – I just knew that this feature was going to change my life. I thought that creativity would fill every aspect of my life from virtual builds to music. I thought my guitar skills would improve so much that I would rival the legendary guitar greats - Eric Clapton and Duane Allman.