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Block Story NEW gui design

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We found wery good painter and he now making new UI for BlockStory. Here like new logo will looks like:



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Make a skin for the MMO

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In case you have not seen it, we have revealed what the characters for the MMO will look like.


Well,  we just released a tool for you to make skins.   Head over there,  download the tool and follow the instructions for making new skins.

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Baobab, Pine and Spruce plants

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Baobab, Pine and Spruce plants will grow up like this:





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The next several villages I'm building wont have sandcastles and will be large. Houses will Ll be modeled after houses in my hometown. Here is the first finished one

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Only a few days after 5.3, anouther salvo of epicness has been launched from the development cannon. 5.4 is here with several great features.

Amazing Graphics Update For Pc

Updates to Jungles

Speed Update To Recipe Book

The Scribes are working.

Clicking Items In Recipe Book Shows Names

The historians, geologists, and botanists have labled all items in the recipe book. Full descriptions comming soon.

Dig Speed Skill

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New palm trees

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in the next version, when you plant a palm tree, this is what they will grow up like:


It is a beautiful bridge as I envision it in my mind; built entirely out of 02 air blocks and spanning a deep chasm between Moria and Hell, it radiates light like a shining beacon, beckoning me to enter the Block Story netherworld of Hell. The only trouble is – I can’t find it!

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Version 5.3 is out!

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We just finished new update, app submitted to GooglePlay and will be live wery soon. PC build will be updated soon.

Whats new:
* Normal and specular mapping (PC only)
* Recipe book work fast now
* Clicking on item in recipe book show item name (description in next update)
* Improved jungle biome (more green now)
* Increased chanсe to find baobab tree
* Added dig speed skill
* Added goblin pickaxe
* Improved some mobs
* Bosses now stronger and have chance to drop better item
* Easter egg Happy

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5.2 Thunder Rolls

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Block Story 5.2 is here? After the epic 5.1, whose, changlog rivaled some expansion packs in length and features, who could have thought another update would follow?Who? You? Well, glory to the ayes, Giggle Pit to the nayes. Version 5.2 has arived, and here are the new features waiting for you.

The Book of Heroes

Multiple Character Profiles

A Paradigm Shift…

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When I first began playing Block Story in August 2012, I mined and placed blocks in the normal way. One night, about a month ago, I modified or created nearly 150 chunk files, placing about 300,000 blocks, without ever opening the Block Story App! What am I doing? How did I get here? Where am I going? And, Do I need to see a doctor about my increasingly severe OCD tendencies? were all questions that ran through my mind the next morning as I checked my work from the previous night.