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Hey folks so i have some news. So i installed blockstory on my second laptop so that I could continue enjoying this lovely game. And i have officially began drawing schematics for something epic. I can't tell you what it is but i will tell you that there will be a timelapse series for it and that it is not an adventure map. besides that i can show you a few screenshots and until the first timelapse is released you will all just have to wait.

P.S. My main pc still isn't working So no blockstory stream any time soon. (This pc is kinda garbage)

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I look forward to see what

I look forward to see what you're working on.

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I am one with Ashkore! Bomb

looks like

that kind of looks like a ravine village or a minecart track.


i am interested in that creation of yours

God tier.

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ME too

ME too

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I'm hyped! Can't wait to see

I'm hyped! Can't wait to see what the final build will look like!

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