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This was my reaction to this feature:

The day has come :')

The day has come :')

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I say...

I will ride my mighty dragon and rain heck upon all Shadow Hunters and Teds around the world... Yes Devil

very nice...


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Keep up the good change s


The dolphin saddle!Also,will pets look smaller when we ride them and they have max size?

I'm not afraid of Mati,Mati is afraid of me!

Mount will be the same size

Mount will be the same size as pet. So if pet max size then mount will be max size too.

Cannot wait to explore the

Cannot wait to explore the world of block story on a DRAGON!!!!!

Person likes FISH filet. Duck out! Happy
Fire & Ice


i can ride my black ashkore! (aka drako) hmmm. i would love to see what happens when i try to ride a REAL ashkore Tongue this also reminds me of the time when i tried to ride a dragon. back when we could kill a dragon with our bare hands, i walked to its side while punching it, tried to jump on, then the game crashed... now... i will live the success of this attempt! (:<

I am one with Ashkore Bomb


How to create a riding thing again?


how did u make the saddle



how did u make the saddle


I can't wait!!!!

I can't wait!!!!

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